SCERT to launch online training programme for teachers in Delhi

State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) is going to launch an online training programme for teachers. On Monday, the body launched a software known as “online in-service teacher capacity-building programme” with the main objective to enhance interaction between teacher-to-teacher. The programme will also help teachers in attaining in-depth knowledge of their concerned subject.

SCERT was established in the year 1988 as an autonomous body. The body has been providing support to the Directorate of Education and Education Departments of MCD and NDMC and Cantonment Board. SCERT offers various programmes with the help of which teachers get the right material for teaching.

The aim is to train as many as 50,000 teachers including the guest teachers. With the help of this software, 50 mathematics teachers and 70 mentor teachers will be trained in the first month. The teachers will be trained on the basis of different topics chosen by the body from the students’ textbooks. The whole approach will be for training teachers towards student-centric approach. The online programme will provide accessibility to all the reading materials to all the teachers 24*7.

Punya Salila Srivastava, Education Secretary, said, “It is a unique, flexible and convenient programme, with an aim to enrich the knowledge, competency and efficiency of teachers to enable them to develop a holistic instinct among students and sharpen their thirst for new developments in the field of crucial subjects that matter to them.”

In one single setting, the teachers will be trained for straight eight hours. The programme has been devised in a manner that will work as per the availability of the trainees.

Srivastava also said, “It will not only help teachers to ensure qualitative improvement in the teaching-learning process, but will also encourage sharing among teachers as a community.”

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