Satellite made by Chinese students starts sending data

As per the reports Chinese authorities have launched a satellite made by a group of college students which has already began sending back data. A group of students born after 1990 has developed a satellite using commercial components.

satellite made by chinese students

The satellite was developed by students whose average age is somewhere around 23 years. Students of Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering independently developed satellite using commercial components. The self-made satellite has been named ‘Nanligong-1’, an abbreviation of their college name in Chinese language.

Though the satellite made by students of Nanjing University is small yet it is perfectly formed. Satellite contains all necessary equipment such as power structure and thermal, altitude and communications controls. The satellite was launched into space by ‘Long March-11’ carrying rocket from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre.

The satellite weighs only 2.2 kg. It is being used for global maritime automatic identification and to demonstrate information exchanges between satellites in-orbit.

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Nanjing Tech University has two campuses along with 26 colleges and around 30,000 students enrolled including overseas students, undergraduates, master’s degree and PhD candidates. At present, the university offers 5 post-PhD stations, 35 PhD programs, 107 master’s degree programs, 19 programs for master of engineering, and 80 undergraduate programs. The university also comprises of eight branches of learning, namely, engineering, science, management, economics, liberal arts, law, philosophy and medicine.

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