Sarvodaya schools will now have nursery, pre primary classes

Nursery classes in Sarvodaya schoolsThe Directorate of Education has decided to introduce nursery and pre-nursery schooling in all the Sarvodaya schools, a move gladly welcomed by parents seeking admissions for their children in private schools. This move may be especially considered by many parents given the humongous difference between the fee structure in private and government schools. Where this is one of the leading reasons that could be behind the shift again to government schools, the thought that could hold them back could be the trust factor in the name of looking after their children.

Around 477 Sarvodaya schools will be introduced with pre primary classes and care would be taken to develop infrastructure required for starting these classes. The look of these government schools is being revamped considering that the proposal needs to be executed as soon as possible.

The parents are quite ecstatic about the move by the government. The exorbitant fees demanded by the private schools had always been a closet issue but the fact that they were pretty good in acting like hands-on parents in schools in taking care of the children, such issues could not really be raised. What is being looked forward to is whether these government will be sufficiently remarkable if not at par with the private ones in looking after the kids. One of the parents seeking admission for her ward in a private school was quoted as saying, “If the government is to be believed, work is being done to ensure that government schools are at par with private schools. This should start from providing the right foundation to students so that learning outcomes are monitored from the nascent stage itself.”

Moreover, the light on the restructuring of these schools have been thrown by the education department in a document that reads After identifying the schools, estimates should be obtained from executing agencies for renovation, restructuring and refurbishing classrooms for nursery/KG sections as per requirements prepared in consultation with SCERT.” ”Duties and responsibilities of teachers for Nursery and KG should be clearly prescribed to ensure proper utilisation of the teaching staff,” it added.

The initiative is, indeed, a big change for the fact that the government appears ready to accept responsibility at a nascent stage for children.

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