Sanskrit to be taught at University of Toronto

University of Toronto is launching Sanskrit studies. The programme will be launched by Toronto University in September this year. This university is one of the leading universities of the world. It is also one of the best when it comes to research oriented studies. Soon, this university is launching a three- level Sanskrit programme which will benefit the students.

The University has a separate department for religion. And this course will be a part of this at three different levels. The three different levels at which this course will be taken are introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. All the levels will be covered in one year separately. Also, each of the level will be divided into two semesters. Students can get benefit of enjoying classes at both the online and the offline level.

The levels are designed well keeping in mind the needs and the understanding of all the students. The students need not have prior knowledge about anything. They will be taught everything at the introductory level. Students will be taught both the languages, which is written and oral. After the first semester is over, the aim of this course will be read Sanskrit with the help of a dictionary. After that, the focus will also shift towards learning grammar, which is again one of the most important part of the language. Besides grammar, vocabulary will also be considered important. Regular tests will also be taken so that the performance of the students can be monitored. There will be 11 tests and then there will also be a final exam.

A very renowned Hindu statesman Rajan Zed is apparently very happy with the initiative. He is also urging all the Canadian universities to launch such programmes and facilitate the learning of the language among the students. He is also the President of Universal Society of Hinduism, said, “Sanskrit, which was known as “the language of the gods”, provided the theoretical foundation of ancient sciences and had a close relationship with other classical languages like Latin, Greek, French, German, etc. According to tradition, self-born God created Sanskrit, which was everlasting and divine.”

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