Same As NEET, Soon JEE Maybe The Only Entrance For Engineering Admissions

By | July 9, 2018

Like National Cum Eligibility Test (NEET); a single examination for admissions to medical colleges, the government is thinking to conduct single entrance examination for admission to engineering colleges as well. As the Supreme Court had already passed a judgement for conducting single test I.e. NEET for medical colleges, the HRD ministry is thinking to follow the same foot steps for engineering aspirants. In order to make it possible the HRD ministry is in opinion of conducting a single all India level test for entrance to engineering colleges, HRD ministry believes that it will solve many issues such as, it will relieve students from giving multiple entrance exams for various engineering colleges and further it will also solve the issue of irregularities and will bring in more transparency.

At present the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for taking in students for prestigious engineering colleges and students are selected on the basis of the score they get in this exam. There are more than 3300 government approved engineering across the country but only half of then get filled, the objective is to change the process so that a more transparent, standardised, corruption free process can be followed, said a government official. Very few students are able to crack the hard exams conducted for top institutes such as IITs, leaving thousands of aspirants to go for private institutes, many of which charge high fees to them.
The other objective of this is to improve the quality of intake students for the course, so that students with talent not remain jobless after completing their degree.

All the states will also be discussed with the said proposal so that they could also give their feed backs and will be in position to prescribe their admission criteria, apart from score in the entrance test, but JEE score will have to be considered and it cannot be negated.
This proposal has also received support from many stakeholders but it was decided that all states will be given opportunity to give their opinion as well. Another important issue discussed was to conduct exit test compulsorily for students, who are passing out of college to assess their skill tests.

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