Sachin Pilot criticizes privatization of Healthcare and Education sectors in Rajasthan

Sachin Pilot criticizes privatization of Healthcare and Education sectors in RajasthanRajasthan Government has taken up a major step towards the development of education system as well as health services in the state by announcing the privatization of the respective sectors. The government has invited the various private organizations to start investing in these two sectors together with many other sectors. The initiative towards the commercialization of the education came in existence in the month of May. According to the government official, despite being a hike in state government’s education budget, the standards of the education in government schools are deteriorating as compared to the private schools.

It is estimated that the being lower rate of expenditures per students, the private schools are resulting in better quality of education provided to the students unlike students studying in state government schools. The per student expenditure that the state has to bear is approximately Rs 16,000 per year in approximately 10,000 senior secondary and 80,000 primary schools in the state. Although the the state government has no official estimation of per capita expenditure of students studying in privately funded schools, but is considered to be anywhere in between Rs 4,000 to Rs 8,000.

It is estimated by the Rajasthan Government that privatization would surely help in the increase in the desired quality of the students development and the total outcome. The government has decided the private firms will be handed over the responsibility on the ‘first come, first served’ basis. Although the private firms will only look after the management of a particular school and all the other government schemes would still be functional such as reimbursement of per child expenditures, providing mid-day meals and other such benefits.

However, this initiative has gained many criticisms from all the sections of the society whether it’s a political party, social activists or educationists.

Agitated by the state government’s move for privatization of the education and health care of the state, Sachin Pilot, a respected member of Indian National Congress strongly opposes the initiative. In his words, “The healthcare and education sectors cannot be privatized. You can have investments from the private sectors but cannot hand over the crucial sectors to them.”

Adding to his speech Pilot stated that the state government is planning to collaborate with the Institute for Cancer Research, Portugal but on the other hand the government is reducing the tax rates of tobacco products by 30 percent. Strongly protesting against the state government’s policies, he mentioned that BJP is not fulfilling the promises they made during elections.

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