RTE Admissions : Odisha Govt’s strict guidelines for private schools

Odisha government stands firm on the issue of Right to Education (RTE) Act. A notification has been issued stating that all the private unaided schools will reserve 25% seats for the children belonging to underprivileged groups and the weaker sections of the society.

The education department found many private schools are not working as per the norms of RTE. Now, it has been strictly promulgated that all private schools have to adhere to the notice. The notice added that no children should be barred from the admission in the school due to lack of age proof.

Children who are within the premise of 1 km radius of a particular private school are eligible to apply in the school. If any other school beyond the perimeter would have vacant seats due to unavailability of eligible children then any children would be considered for admission in that school.

Also, the government has asked to provide the report of the admission under the quota of 25% reservation on a regular basis. The authority team will also audit the school on the expenditure made against the reimbursement fees.

The breakup of 25% seats : 10% of the seats are reserved for the disadvantaged groups, scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and SEBC categories while other 10% seats are reserved for the students whose family belong to the BPL category or card holders of different poverty elimination programmes of the government. Rest 5% seats are reserved for children without proper shelter, children of manual scavengers, migrant labourers, children of war martyrs and HIV-affected children.

Also, the department said children should not face any discrimination on any basis and should not be harassed mentally or physically. And, no students should be held back or expelled till class VIII.

This notice brought cheers on the faces of families who could not send their children to a private school. It will also create more options for children from all sections of society.

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