RTE Admissions : Mumbai lagging behind, many seats may go vacant

Under the RTE (Right to Education) act, initiated by the government of India to promote education, few number of students have recorded to take admission in Mumbai. With the completion of the second round, it has been observed that only around 25% seats are being filled while rest of the seats are still vacant.

However, the number of applications received for admissions under the Right to Education Act was more than 12,000 against the 9,664 seats available. But, only 6,409 confirmed their applications. Also, 3,411 seats were allotted in the first round but again, 2,041 confirmed their admission. The condition got worsened in the second round. Of the 1,618 allotted seats, only 351 confirmed their admission.

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According to the official members of the education department, many of the students didn’t approach to schools for admission. And, it is more likely that the education department will move towards the third round.

Some RTE activists are claiming the online process of admission to be flawed. An RTE activist, Sudhir Paranjape, said there are still more than 300 students who have not been allocated any seat. He also said the schools are keeping these seats vacant for the purpose of earning. These schools may charge for these seats for beyond class I, as there is no compulsion to fill seats through RTE beyond class I. The RTE activists teams are planning to move to Supreme Court to increase the entry level admission up to class VII.

While the education department said, the seats are lying vacant because students are applying for some schools leaving rest the schools. According to the data, of the 317 schools, no application has been received for 68 schools.

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