Increasing Retirement Age of Doctors Is Aimed To Provide Better Healthcare Services : PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that retirement age of government doctors would be increased to 65 years to improve healthcare services
Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that retirement age of government doctors would be increased to 65 years to improve healthcare services

PM Narendra Modi was in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh on Thursday as the date (26 May) marked the second anniversary of his swearing-in anniversary as the Prime Minister of India. Amidst the celebrations, PM Modi briefed about the workings of central government and several achievements as the NDA government completed two years in power. Apart from speaking about the achievements and challenges, PM Modi announced in the rally that retirement age of government doctors would be increased from current 62 years to 65. He added that the Union Cabinet would formally announce the decision this week and the rule would be applied across the country.

Prime Minister Modi said, “Today I want to announce from the soil of Uttar Pradesh, that the retirement age for government doctors, which is 60 or 62 in some places, will be made 65 all over the country.”

Move to increase the retirement age of government doctors shows the central government’s concern for shortage of doctors as PM Modi mentioned, “We have a shortage of doctors in our country. There are different rules for government doctors in states. If there were enough medical colleges in our country, we wouldn’t have this shortage. It is difficult to create doctors in 2 years but poor families cannot be forced to live without doctors. Therefore from Uttar Pradesh, I want to announce this to my countrymen that this week our government’s Cabinet will take a decision and the retirement age of our doctors, whether in states or government of India, would be made 65 years instead of 60 or 62.”

A survey report released by the Central Bureau for Health Intelligence last year revealed shocking figures about the condition of health services in the country, with mentioning that every government allopathic doctor serves over 11,000 people. The condition is worse in government hospitals that serves around 61 thousand people, with one bed for every 1833 people. Health services when compared about availability in rural areas to urban ones are more disappointing. Even the National Urban Health Mission, which was initiated to increase availability of doctors from private hospitals, has failed at large to fulfill its purpose of providing quality healthcare to the population.

Prime Minister also used the stage to appeal doctors for serving pregnant women from poor background for free, for which he said the same could be done on each ninth day of every month. “If the doctors give 12 days out of 12 months to them, this will help poor mothers a lot,” PM Modi added in his speech.

The decision, when implemented, would allow doctors to serve patients for a longer period, though the government needs to take some serious steps towards improving the current medical education standards around the country and increase the seats by setting up new medical education institutions.

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