Research scholars and students of Bharathiar University protest demanding apologies from woman research scholar

Students from English department of Bharathiar University come up with protest demanding that woman scholar should apologize in front of media and entire society. Allegations came against R. Saravana Selvan, Head of the Department is recognized as the respected person with positive approaches. The girl deliberately accused him and submitted a written petition to the police.

students of bharathiar university protest
Students protesting at Bharathiar University. (Source : The Hindu)

She approached the Superintendent of Police in Coimbatore on Thursday and revealed her views about the incident. She came up with the charge of harassment that was completely false and there was no sense of truth. But later a release from BU, as divulged by registrar K.G. Senthilvasan, girl has regretted for her action and request that she could be allowed to complete her research work.

After the release, students came up with protests revealing the words that woman scholar should apologize due to her faulty action. She should also retract her complaint against HOD that strongly represents a false charge darken in his character. Initially, she brought the allegation sin public and thus now she needs to apologize in the similar way. Entire alumni including other women took part in the protest, as they believe that she comes with the false allegations.

On the other hand, another group of students has put up federation banner demanding that Mr. Selvan should be immediately arrested. Also, they want that the authority should dismiss him from his post, as he is not the right person to hold the particular place of duty. Alongside, they even demand suspension of Jayakumar, one of the faculty whose name has been mentioned in the complaint.

According to the girl’s father, she was forced to come to a compromise thinking about the future of her career. She don’t want to lose her career in mid of the way and thus choose this path, as there was no other way to continue her studies.

Overall, it has given rise to a controversial situation and the truth is yet to come up in front of entire public and even media.

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