Research report indicates education apps market on a rise

Hardly there would be few persons in the present scenario who are not carrying a smartphone. If the person is having the smart phone, then definitely he/she would be having data pack too. When there would be data pack then surely the phone will have either of the so many apps. Now when maximum people are using the smartphone irrespective of the fact whether they belong to semi-urban or urban world, there exists a huge potential for growth in the global education apps market due to increasing mobile connectivity.

education apps market growing
If the reports are to be believed, currently more than 3.17 million applications are available in various app stores out of which somewhere around 15%-16% apps are categorized under education.

Content digitization has resulted in the advent of various technological innovations that improves the learning process of students. No doubt every now and then new innovations are being launched in technological market but the development of educational apps is a thing that had catched/will catch attention of many in the long run. Development of educational apps is expected to drive the education technology market.

On the basis of research conducted, analysts are of the view that global education apps market will surely grow at a CAGR of 34.72% over the period 2014-2019 while the global education gamification market will grow at a CAGR of 64.34% over the same time span.

One of the analysts while commenting on Global Education Apps Market 2015-2019 research report said, “Game-based learning is designed to impart knowledge on a specific subject matter with the help of interactive measures, leading to set defined outcomes. It allows users to play the game multiple times, allowing them to master the game, which consequently results in better understanding of the topic.”

Further report added the present evolving education system which is strongly supported by digitization and IoT, which promotes customized learning for students. More and more students are getting acquainted with tablets and laptops which have further opened the doors for digital textbooks and other online education content. In lieu of this, learning management system has been launched in which content will be managed, student data and performance assessment will also be taken care of, thereby bringing the drastic change in the growth of education apps market.

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The research analysis was conducted on the basis of primary and secondary information and the inputs provided by already existing education app developers in the market. As per the officials, “The report contains a comprehensive market and vendor landscape in addition to a SWOT analysis of the key vendors.” Few education app companies which have been given a lot of importance in the report are: Lumos Labs, Duo Lingo, Rosetta Stone, Edmodo and Wiz IQ. The secondary vendors include: Age of Learning, BenchPrep, DubLabs, and IXL Learning.

On the other hand is Gamification which is the process of transforming game mechanics into non-gaming context so as to attract target audience and urge them solve problems. Few examples of game mechanics are: points, badges, a leaderboard, challenges and rewards. In lay men terms, “Gamification does not create real games but uses game techniques to engage students toward comprehensive learning.”

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