Refinements in GMAT, now candidates can retake the Test after 16 days

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the main hurdle which an MBA aspirant has to overcome to study in top business schools. Hard work, loads of study and dedication is the only way to overcome this hurdle. There is no alternative or any shortcuts to GMAT. GMAT scores are recognized by most of the business schools all over the world. So a good score in GMAT will obviously fetch you a chance to study in some of the best institutions across the globe. But the main problem a student face to become an MBA graduate, is to get a good score in GMAT which most of the students fail to do so in their first attempt. They have to wait for months to reappear for GMAT exam.

graduate management aptitude test gmatLow GMAT score is not very helpful for a candidate who opted for MBA program. The GMAT score is often predicted with a candidate’s academic performance. Most of the times, when a candidate gets an average or low score, they hesitate to retake the test. One of the major reasons why a candidate hesitates of appearing again for GMAT exam is because of the cancelled score which appears on the official score report.

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Considering all the pros and cons about GMAT and taking views of thousands of students, the GMAC has decided to bring some changes in test pattern. The council has added some features to encourage more students to opt for GMAT.

These new features are as follows :

* Cancelled score will no longer be included in score card.
* Candidates are allowed to retake test after 16 days.
* Date Of Birth replaces authentication code.

The ‘C’ represents a candidates’ cancelled report which previously used to include in score card. This creates a student’s bad impression in front of institution even if the candidate has good academic record. But from now onwards the cancelled reports will no longer be included in score card.

# Candidate can retake the test after 16 days

Now candidates are allowed to retake the test just after 16 days which will allow a candidate the flexibility to retake test as many times he would like but not more than 5 times in 12 month period.

# Date Of Birth replaces authentication code

Previously candidates were allotted with authentication code to view their score card, now candidate can do so by entering their date of birth.

All these changes in GMAT test pattern not only help the candidate but also aid the council in many ways. Since cancelled reports have been withdrawn from score card, now more candidates will appear for GMAT exam over and over again which will increase the revenue of the council.

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