First day of Odd-Even Second Phase was Easy, Real Test on Monday

delhi odd even second phase
The otherwise congested roads of Delhi sighed a relief with the implementation of Odd Even rule again

On Friday, the second phase of the Odd Even rule started in the national capital and more than 1300 people were fined challan by the Delhi Traffic Police for violating the odd even norms on the first day. The scheme came into picture for the second time after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal appealed to the people of the city to cooperate in the mission and make this plan a success.

The last time when this scheme was implemented, no one knew whether this scheme would be a success or a failure, but this scheme did work to a certain extent, it is not that it delivered positive results, but it showed that things can be brought under control provided the citizens of the area cooperate and work in peace. Though the middle class residents did suffer a lot due to this as they were not able to arrange for another vehicle, but the ones who benefitted were the auto walas and the cab drivers. They got a lot of customers and they were also able to pick and drop the customers at a fast pace owing to less traffic in roads.

People are accepting this now as there are no complaints, no protests, though phase one was a pain and we have not seen any drastic change in the level of the pollution. People want this scheme back again and there must be a reason to this. And, it is all possible because of the AAP government.

The second phase of Odd-Even scheme kick-started on Friday and few vehicles were seen on the road compared to regular traffic, the major effect will be seen from Monday as people step out of their house to reach their destination. To make sure that people do not struggle during this scheme, DTC and Delhi metro are going to increase their services so that people do not have to wait and they can accommodate a large number of people.

The Delhi Government said that to make this second phase a successful one, they have deployed 2,000 traffic personnel, 580 enforcement officials, and 5,000 civil defense volunteers so that everything works in a proper manner.

There is a fine of Rs. 2,000 for those who violate the rules. It was seen that maximum number of challan were collected from the South Delhi area. Gopal Rai, Delhi Transport Minister seems to very satisfied with the kind of response they have got on the first day. Civil defense volunteers have been helping the people and the government in the scorching heat of Delhi.

Commenting on the plan, BJP MLA Vijender Gupta said, “The Delhi government is not proving anything by implementing the odd even formula only for 15 days. This scheme is not a permanent solution for the problems faced by the people due to traffic. The aim of the government is not clear. It is a waste of the effort and time. People are saying that they might have to buy another vehicle if this continues.”

Former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said that AAP should provide vehicles for the people to commute.

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