RBSE making high-tech monitoring system for practical exams

This year Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) landed in controversy due to it’s over marking in practical exams of board classes. There were allegations that practical examinations in schools related to board classes are conducted without science labs and instruments. In the last board exams, it was also revealed that students who scored 20 to 30% marks in main examination got 100% in practical examination. It also came out in last few years that there were complaints against examiner for demanding money to give marks in practical examination.


In lieu of all the aforesaid mentioned complaints, from the coming academic session the Board is planning to come up with the below mentioned steps:

For Practical Exams: high-tech monitoring system will be adopted for practical exams in schools and also the examination process will be simplified.

Materials for practical exams like drawing sheets, graphs etc: Board will make these materials available to the nodal schools from where different schools can collect. The purpose of such system is to ensure proper practical examinations.

Security of Answer-Sheets: The Board has decided to be strict on security of answer sheets and therefore it will be starting system of online recording of answer sheets in different answer sheet collection centers in state. The purpose is to get information of movement of answer sheet which will be accessible online.

RBSE will start new collection center in government senior secondary school at Khatipura in Jaipur. Previously, there was only one collection center at Shiksha Sankul of Jaipur. The Board has made availability of sixty collection centers to schools so that schools can choose one of them according to their facility.

Lack of science labs and instruments: Board is planning to adopt and use information technology to control practical examination process. With filing exams application online for 2017 board exams, the schools has also upload the information related to school. Schools will be required to give information about their science labs, capacity of these labs and number of students appearing in different subjects.

Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan is a board of education for school level education in the Indian state Rajasthan. BSER is a state agency of the Government of Rajasthan and has its headquarters in Ajmer. Board is responsible for promotion and development of secondary education in Rajasthan state.

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