Ramdev eyes education sector; aspires to open world’s largest university in Delhi NCR

The speed at which Baba Ramdev is increasing his list of Do’s has another chapter added. The yoga guru could be seen giving interviews where he has revealed that he wants to open world’s largest university in the National Capital Region. The special focus of such university would be on sports so that the university could contribute future Olympians for India. “We are coming up with the world’s largest university in National Capital region, where 80% of earnings of Patanjali will be spent on education and sports,” he said.

Baba RamdevIt is no surprise that Baba has always been a staunch supporter of traditionalism. He has been propelling the government to instill ever traditional aspect in all the upcoming projects in India. So much so he is backing his notion that the education sector has come under his attention now. Despite the affiliation with the CBSE Board, the school in Haridwar, Acharyakulam, that he runs adheres more to the teachings of Hindu philosophy, the Shastras, Sanskrit and the Vedas. He has also proposed an education board similar to the CBSE, but again focusing on the traditional Indian education.

The yoga guru has also said that he wishes to open Acharyakulams in all the districts so that he could change the face of the Indian Education system. His aspirations also comprises opening Vedic Education Board (VEB) in line with his Haridwar-based Vedic Education Research Institute. The proposal made in March this year detailed how VEB would contribute to the Indian education system by providing a blend of human education of Aurobindo, archaistic education of Maharshi Dayanand and vedanta education of Swami Vivekananda.

At the same time, he has also said that Indians should boycott all Chinese products as India has received “nothing from China except betrayal”. This statement comes at the similar time when he has launched his idea for these schools. This move appears as an attempt to capitalize more through his idea for education, by many. When questioned about the government’s policies, the yoga guru has maintained his extoling stance for the Centre and said that the Modi government is definitely improving the image of the country globally with the policies and security of the nation.

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