53 Members Retire From Rajya Sabha, How Would The House Look After?


Around 53 members of the Rajya Sabha will be retiring on Friday. This is one of the biggest retirements in the recent times. Congress, being the strongest party, has 65 seats and 16 of its members are retiring. This will prove to be biggest disadvantage on the end of Congress as there are less chances that any of them will return back to the house.

BJP will continue to be in the opposition and will enjoy all the perks of the same as it will be still in majority. With this retirement happening, the best thing that the government should do is to try and win over some of the unattached parties like AIADMK, BJD, Trinamool Congress, SP and the BSP. Though the support of these parties can help the Parliament in passing the legislations, but some major amendment bills like that of the GST, the government will surely fall short of the members.

Soon, some of the new faces can be seen in the Rajya Sabha and this will change the look of upcoming monsoon session of the Parliament. Though the composition of the party will remain same, and it might happen that BJP will gain a few seats, but that does not mean that it will help BJP in gaining an edge over the other parties. Also, the government will struggle in getting the work done as they are in minority now. It will also become difficult for them to work without much support of the opposition.

The five ministers that are set to retire are : Venkaiah Naidu, Piyush Goyal, Nirmala Sitaram, YS Choudhary and Mukhtar Abbad Naqvi. Naidu might be re-elected from Karnataka. A seat is also vacant because Vijay Mallya has resigned. Naqvi is also likely to come back again from UP. Choudhary will come from AP and Goyal from Maharashtra.

As of now, the NDA has 62 MPs in the Upper House and if 7 nominated MPs are also added, the number goes up to 69. Also, the Congress has 61 MPs, but if it is coupled with its allies, the number goes up to 80 MPs out of a total of 225 members. This year, on 30th June, around one third members of the Rajya Sabha will retire as per the norm. Rajya Sabha MPs have a term of six years and after every two years, one third of the members retire.

The going for the Rajya Sabha will be tough for all parties as it will be difficult to get majority in the upper house.

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