Uttarakhand Government to open Residential Schools Beginning this year-end

Uttarakhand Government is on the way to provide quality education and thus decided to set up the residential schools. It would become useful for the students to get better form of education making the learning process easier. The program is specially developed to spread education in the rural areas where people are still deprived. Selected 13 districts at Uttarakhand would have the proposed residential schools where children would become educated eliminating all the difficulties. Harish Rawat, Chief Minister of the state said that the residential schools would come out in the backward areas within the end of 2015 along with the enhanced facilities for studying.

Why people living in the rural areas would suffer because of lack of education? Sometimes, they even have to leave their places only to acknowledge some good things representing the improved lifestyle. But now, the Government of Uttrakhand has taken an initiative that would stop such negative things ensuring the smooth educational system.

uttarakhand government
Uttarkhand CM Harish Rawat informing press about the matter

Rajiv Gandhi Abhinav Awasiya School, the particular school would become recognized in the 13 districts, as the primary and junior schools possess very less number of students. It signifies the negative impacts in the society where education is still behind the bars. It would inspire the students as well as the parents to send their children to school that would help them to learn the real values of life. Chief Minister quoted that the new schools would be constructed under “Rajiv Gandhi Navodaya Vidyalaya” and the schools would be open for the students who are unable to get education due to closure of the junior or primary schools. It would be the responsibility of the state government to bear the cost of education for them and thus they would not have to stay away from school. According to sources, manifold private institutes have submitted proposals that clearly depict the popularity of the new attempt from Uttarakhand Government.

The government decided to develop a strong policy in order to improve the infrastructure for the schools that would incorporate the healthy backdrop for the students. The principal secretary of department of Educational and planning received the order to construct a detailed plan evaluating the number of migration from the mountains. People usually come down from such remote regions, as education and the entire quality of life are not up to the mark there. Every person wants to give the proper education to his/her children but staying in the remote regions it becomes difficult to manage such a healthy and better standard of living. Keeping this mind, the Government came out with the modern approaches that would help the families to avoid migrating to other places. In this context, another meeting would be held within next 14-15 days where the detailed plan would be revealed making the entire procedure easier.

Such residential schools would not get closed due to low attendance that would be the most exciting part while educating the society. In this way, all the regions would see the light of education and thus all the people of the particular areas are waiting to explore the new things by the end of the present year.

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