Rajasthan Schools to teach Students about Demonetization, Cashless Economy

Teach them when they are young” believes the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education as it has decided to include a chapter on demonetization and cashless economy in the Class XII textbook of Economics. The move looks like a new way to justify the political propaganda initiated by a party which is famous for its influence over academia as well as the professional sphere.

“Looking at the present scenario in which government is pushing for a cashless economy, the board has decided to include a chapter on demonetization and cashless economy in the textbook of Economics of Class XII,” said Meghna Chaudhary, Secretary of the board. However, it doesn’t mean that a detailed unbiased approach is going to be taken forward towards educating young children and imparting financial knowledge.

She said directions to the officials to start the process for the same has been issued which is due to be implemented in short span.

The new chapter will be introduced from the next academic session and has been much talked about in the intellectual circle which has always seen novelty with new excitement, not to ignore certain aversions by the conventional ones.

The Rajasthan government has been taking steps to make the Centre’s idea of a cashless economy a reality.

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Ajmer is among the top five districts in the country to go cashless in a major way. Peculiarly, the city is famous for the religious tourism which has acted as a major source of funding for development activities as well as for the subsistence of the people working in unorganized sector.

Jaipur Metro has also gone cashless with the entire transaction of purchasing tickets made cashless.

It is to be noted that the results can only be realized in long run. But does the famous quote by Keynes could be true -” in the long run we all are dead”.

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