Rajasthan government asks “ghost” schools of Kota for student data

There are a number of private schools being run or supported by coaching institutes of Kata which admit students only on papers. Hundreds of students take admissions in these ‘ghost’ schools which allow them to take their class XI or XII exams. According to rough estimates, over 40,000 coaching students are enrolled in these ‘ghost’ schools and go there only to appear in exams.

The state government has now decided to crack its whip at these infamous ‘ghost’ schools of Kota. It has asked these private schools to submit all data relating to enrolment and attendance of registered students. It has also asked for the profiles of every student and the number of enrolments, in the first phase. In the second phase, the department is considering a daily update of attendance of students.

“The motive is manifold and will expose the duplication of enrolments. The attendance update will prevent these schools from doing any malpractice,” said state education minister Vasudev Devnani. He said that the database which they develop would be linked to the National Skill Registry under the Skill India programme. This exercise is being done under the RTE Act which mandates every government to keep data on schools.

Most of these students are IIT aspirants and have only two chances to make it to these prestigious institutes. While they make the first attempt along with their Class XII exam, the next is taken a year later. As per CBSE and RBSE boards, students require 75% attendance to appear in the final exam. This rule is being openly flouted by these schools.

Ostensibly, the management of such institutes are jittery over possible action. “These schools serve the academic requirements of students,” said a coaching institute official requesting anonymity. “Here students can have an integrated study system that meets both academic & coaching needs,” he said. He suggested introducing junior college like in Maharastra, TN and Andhra Pradesh as a legitimate option for students.

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