Rahul Gandhi as Congress president is perfect example of dynasty politics

News of Rahul Gandhi becoming the President of Congress creates disturbance across the whole nation.

As it can be seen that the Congress has suffered losses in the Assembly elections that concluded last week. News of Rahul Gandhi to be elevated as the Congress President is doing the rounds. He can anytime become the President of the party.

Rahul Gandhi to become Congress president

After hearing the news, the BJP made a statement saying that this is a very clear example of dynasty politics on all those who have been referring him as the “Shehanshah”. In response to being Modi termed as Shehanshah, the spokesperson of BJP Sambit Patra said, “Sonia Gandhi’s Shehzada being crowned is a perfect example of the dynasty politics”.

He further added, “ We are hearing the news that Rahul Gandhi would be made the Congress President, it is their internal matter. But till yesterday Sonia Gandhi was referring to Prime Minister Modi as a “shehanshah” and today we are hearing the news of her “shehzada’s coronation. The entire nation now is watching the dynasty politics. After remaining the Congress President for years, she is now passing the mantle to her son. Is it democratic or undemocratic? Isn’t this dynasty politics?”

Though, there is no confirmation on the same, if sources are to be believed, Rahul Gandhi will become the Congress President after Congress Working Committee (CWC) meet. Not only this, according to some of the sources, Congress is also planning to go for some of the structural changes. It is because it has faced defeat in the recent polls that took place in West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. As we also know, that Uttar Pradesh and Punjab elections are scheduled next year, Congress wants to bring in some changes in its structure.

As of now, the party is power in only six states. The Congress seems to be really worried as it has been suffering a lot. It has faced a lot of failure in a series of Assembly Elections.

On the other hand, Mahesh Sharma, Union Culture Minister referred Congress as a “sinking ship” and said that the whole nation is aware of Rahul’s caliber.

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