Punjab to get postgraduate institute of horticulture in Amritsar

After a yearlong request made by Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Prakash Singh Badal to establish the horticulture institute in the state, the Union Ministry has finally passed a bill claiming that the central government will sponsor the establishment of Horticulture Institute in the city of Amritsar. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely has recently announced some major projects for the state such as establishment of horticulture institute and renovation of Jallianwalla Bagh.

horticulture research centre at amritsarAs per the Punjab government, State witnesses the production of around 52 lakh of horticulture crop which is grown over approximately 2.77 hectares of land. The major problem, which is related to the production of crops in the state, is lack of resources and connection between the farmers and researchers and also due to poor functioning of Integrated Pest Management.

Jaitely on his visit to Amritsar stated that the NDA government is looking forward in the development of the state. Beside announcing the establishment of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Bathinda (read more : Government will set up AIIMS in each State), he also mentioned that how the union ministry has successfully established the premier institute like Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and implementation of projects like Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojna (HRIDAY) for the maintenance of Jalliawalla Bagh.

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Finance Minister Arun Jaitely mentioned that the central government has allotted a sum of Rs 50,000 crore for the development of irrigation sector of the country and Punjab would get equally benefited from the scheme. With the establishment of Post Graduate Institute of Horticulture Research and Education at Amritsar, an official spokesperson stated that the establishment of this institution would result the State to reach new heights in the field of horticulture research. It is believed that with the help of research and technology, the horticulture sector in the State will lead to a holistic growth in this field.

In order for selecting a suitable location for setting up of the institution, delegates from Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICRA), State Horticulture Department and Punjab Agricultural University till now have visited several locations. Initially, it was decided to set up the horticulture institute at Amritsar near Attari but the officials are looking for all possibilities in searching for location, as the institute would require a huge space beside infrastructure for research purposes.

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