Punjab Teachers inefficacy leads to bad result of Class 10 Board result

The Education Minister of Punjab, Daljit Singh Cheema, got shocked by the class 10 board result. This year class 10 board result is supposed to be the poorest. This act infuriated Mr. Cheema and compelled him to take strict actions.

The reason behind this is very disturbing for the education sector. The English teacher was found to be misspelt simple words like syllabus as ‘sylabbus’ and science teachers were asked to teach Hindi. This irregularity might have been the reason for such bad result.

To get deeper into this case, the education minister took a special class of 500 teachers and he personally checked the answer sheets of these 500 teachers. He noted that the teachers could not write their own language properly and did as much as 15 mistakes in one sentence.

For the evaluation, Cheema gave a question paper asking if they were satisfied with this year’s question papers, what is the main reason why most of the students flunked the exam and what should be the suggestions to improve?
When the response came, it was shocking. The answers were like, “I think the level of questin paper in the subjects of english is quite difficult. The questins in the grammer were not as important. Sylabbus of english in 10th class is wide. Students were shine in S.st well but scenario was change to the subject of english. Most of the students were in labour family.”

Of course, this shows the inefficacy of the teachers. Several teachers gave different reasons regarding this bad result. A teacher said, “Students do not even know how to write basic Hindi alphabets. We had to begin from alphabets in class 10.” While a maths teacher said, “Students in class 9 came from other schools who did not even know how to add, subtract, and multiply.”

Certainly, this problem cannot be neglected with excuses. Education Minister will have to do something regarding teachers’ higher qualification. It is clear that there may be something wrong with the recruitment process of the teachers that’s why they are struggling with the basic language problem. The authorities should note all the points in the flaws and draw a better roadmap to this problem.

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