EuroSchool threatens to shut down, alleges harassment from Parents

Pune : It looks like all the schools in Pune are facing serious trouble over their efforts to increase fee. Just two days back, D Y Patil School announced that it would not facilitate admissions anymore, after alleging harassment from few parents. Parents have been staging protest against the school’s decision for increasing fee by an unacceptable margin.

EuroSchool had decided to increase the fee last year, but it faced protests from a section of parents. While most of the parents were paying the fee of their wards in time, few parents decided not to pay the fee at all. The school, in return, had asked them to take transfer certificates of their children and seek admission elsewhere.

In a two-page letter sent by EuroSchool management to all parents on Thursday, April 7, the authorities hinted towards the possible shutdown of school for indefinite period amid the alleged harassment from few parents.

The letter mentioned : “Based on fee hike complaints by parents, the school has received a show-cause notice from the authorities, asking for the reasons why the permission granted to the school should not be withdrawn. We are working on our reply and will contest these false and baseless charges. Some parents refuse to see reason and do not realize that their irresponsible statements and actions are making the other 1,800 students who are happy with the school prejudiced. We are also, obviously, concerned about the rest of the students as we never know what these agitations may lead to.”

The management turned the tone aggressively and added in the letter that the ongoing protests may lead to closing of school. It stated, “The school staff has already borne the brunt of physical threats. We cannot, at any point, risk the safety of the children. Euro parents, please be aware that if the school continues to be deliberately harassed by such parents, the school staff and management may need to take drastic steps and may well be left with no choice but to close down the school indefinitely.”

However, when asked by media, Vikas Phadnis, trustee of the EuroSchool Education Trust, clarified the stance of school management. He said, “We are nowhere close to a shutdown and do not intend to threaten any parents by this letter. Why would I want to threaten other parents who are paying fees regularly and co-operating with school. It just happens to be a co-incidence that another school announced a shutdown and we sent the letter at same time.”

“We are trying to just indicate the eventual outcome of this harassment by those 10-12 parents. We are merely saying if things like harassment of staff, non-payment of fees continue, it may lead to such a situation. In two days, the management will meet parents and clear any doubts or fears they may have,” he added.

Meanwhile, increasing protests from parents has put the education department in action. The department had recently sent a letter to D Y Patil School mentioning that the school can not be shut down without prior permission from the education department and state government.

EuroSchool was opened at Wakad, Pune in the year 2013 and the school commenced with Junior KG to Class 5 in its first academic session.

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