Puducherry CM visits school, government working on new education policy

On Monday, Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy said that the quality of education will soon be improved in the government schools of Puducherry. The reason behind this is to make sure that the students studying in government schools are able to compete with students of private schools.

puducherry education policy

He also said that the students studying in government schools will be given an option of pursuing either Tamil or English while inspecting the Thanthai Periyar Government High School. A new education policy is very much important for the students of government schools. It will make them even more confident and will help them in unleashing their talent. Soon, the new education policy will be in place and most of the students will be benefitted from the same.

He further added that the curriculum also matters when it comes to education. All those students who are a part of CBSE board do have an edge over the students who are not part of a board. The new education policy is trying to overcome that gap. It has also been noticed that the students of private schools do quite well when it comes to their performance in the entrance exams and the aim of this policy is to reduce the gap between both kind of students. But soon, with the change in education policy, teachers will also be given rigorous training and it will be made sure that the skills of students are enhanced.

Not only this, there are some measures that need to be taken, as is observed by the Chief Minister like that of a raise in the height of the compound wall of the school so that anti-social elements are not allowed to enter the school premises. Over the years, it also has been seen that the students are not taking admission in government schools as the parents have attracted towards private schools. Soon, this scenario will be changed and the students studying in government schools will not be looked down upon.

Various meetings are also held to bring changes in the policy and the aim of the same has been decided to improve the quality of education. Now, the government is also planning to spend maximum money on enhancing the standard of the education system of government schools. He also interacted with students and was keen to know what all facilities they look for in their schools.

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