Provide key details to parents: CBSE to MP schools

Another step towards making the citizens of the country informed has been taken with the help of digitalization. The government has made it mandatory for all the schools in Madhya Pradesh that are affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education will have to provide their details to the parents. The school needs to provide them with their geo- tagged photos and also the certificates of their building and transport safety. All these certificates and details will help the parents in selecting the right school for their kids.

The parents can take the right decision based on the information available to them. All the schools need to submit this information by 30th December, 2016. Manoj Bajpai, Chairperson of Indore Sarvoday schools, said, “Geo positioning and video clippings for affiliated schools will help in not only pin pointing the locations of schools for examination purpose but also detecting if wrong photos are being used by schools to get their affiliation.”

He also said that earlier they used to collect the data only at the time of affiliation. Now, they will be doing it on a yearly basis after filling a single form.

The name of the form is Online affiliated school information system (OASIS). The form has eight parts. And each and every part will require information to be filled in the same. It will have information related to the number of fire extinguishers, the fire alarm, the sprinklers. It will also include information related to sanitation, the number of water purifiers they have, the number of toilets, also the number of hospitals that they have, and also the number of police stations and metro stations there. They want to make sure that students get the right education with digital classrooms, so this would also be checked.

They will also be needing other information like that of transport facilities that have been provided by the schools, and the people that will be there on duty.

All this information will not only be utilized by the parents, but it would be utilized by the board as well. On the basis of the information provided, they will conduct workshops and programmes that will help them do better and provide better facilities to their students.

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