Prof Appa Rao’s return disrupted peace at Hyderabad University Campus

hyderabad university rohith vemula suicide

NHRC, National Human Rights Commission, has finally raised its voice over the ongoing action taken against Hyderabad University students. It has raised a very serious concern over the ongoing issue. It has also issued notice to the Union HRD ministry, the Hyderabad police commissioner and Telangana government officials.

Meanwhile, an independent fact finding committee formed by human rights activists and Dalit organizations has recommended that Prof Appa Rao should be suspended till the investigation is going on. The committee released its interim report at Hyderabad Press Club on Saturday, questioning Prof Appa Rao’s decision to return to the campus. The committee claimed that his return stalled the peace on campus and was responsible for the recent incident.

According to the officials of the NHRC, they issued the notices only after media reports popped which said that there is an emergency like situation at the University of Hyderabad. It also said that there was no water, electricity, food and other internet and also the ATMs were out of order. The Commission also said that the media reported random acts and also the high handedness of the officials and it has raised serious concern towards the safety and the security of the students.

It said, “Reportedly, there is heavy police presence in the campus. The University students are under immense fear and trauma due to indiscriminate arrests of about 25 students and 2 faculty members.” While, NHRC has issued them notices, they also have also asked them to give a report in this aspect within a week.

The human rights state said, “No one can be deprived of the basic amenities like water, food and electricity by willful act of the state.”

After the protest of the students against the Vice Chancello, Appa Rao, 25 students and 2 faculty members have been detained. Appa Rao, has joined the office, he was named in the First Information Report relating to the suicide of Dalit Research Scholar, Rohith Vemula. JNU Students leader Kanhaiya Kumar also reached Hyderabad, but was denied permission to enter the campus premises.

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