As An Indian Citizen, Should Priyanka Chopra Shut Up?

Priyanka Chopra
Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra attending TIME 100 gala meeting on Tuesday night.

Our girl from “Quantico” nails Donald Trump. Very gutsy to call a fool a fool when he is no ordinary fool.! This fellow might just become the president of another country, the Yewnited States of Amerika!

Sharing her views about the battle against extremism, the fanaticism which has come up repeatedly during Presidential elections in 2016 in United States, Priyanka Chopra in talk with slammed US presidential candidate Donald Trump for his remarks on Muslims ‘Primitive’.

“I just think you can’t put a ban on anyone. Generalising a type of people is really primitive,” Priyanka Chopra said. She also added that the fight against terrorism had grown so complex that “you can’t put a face on it any more”. The actress was attending TIME 100 gala meeting on Tuesday night.

It’s not for the first time that Trump has made heartless comments about people other than Americans. Last week, he mocked Indian call centres impersonating as a Indian call centre guy, however, pulled back saying “India is great”. 

Trump has called up for ban on Muslim immigrants from United States in continuation of his sick comments on Muslims over the course of this Presidential Race.

Several times in the past, the controversial Republican Presidential frontrunner has set his guns blazing at India and other country for taking away jobs from Americans and has even vowed to bring them back if elected. He’s been selling the dream of “making America great again” by promising to bring back jobs from India, Mexico, China and Japan. Not only that, Trump has consistently been in controversies for calling up Muslims, an issue that isn’t going well with rest of the world.

Trump is getting stronger and stronger and nothing seems to affect his cakewalk to the White House. Out of 250+ years of American state existence it has been at war with someone or other for 80% of those years. Trump will not change much but will probably only accelerate the time left for end of the world due to nuclear conflicts. A truth sooner or later until scientists discover ways to make all air power irrelevant. Human race anyway, doesn’t deserve to survive keeping immoral war technology like nuclear weapon among themselves.

donald trump
US Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been called up frequently for his remarks on Muslims and non-Americans.

Let me share a quick story here. 

An American was showing a Soviet citizen the sights of Washington. At the Capital, he turned to say, “US is the land of freedom. I can stand on the steps of the Capitol and call my President a stupid fool.” “What’s so great about that” said the Soviet citizen, “I too can stand on the steps of your Capitol and say that your President is a stupid fool.”

So in the contrast, Priyanka Chopra calling up Trump on his remarks isn’t something we wouldn’t have expected. 

The question is, has anyone like Trump ever been so popular in USA? it will be research topic for a long time to see this turning point in history, right after a statesman like Obama. Obama hasn’t been as popular as Trump in US and Trump is not popular outside. Curious turn of events.

Take a look at the election year 1980, when Reagan ran against the incumbent, Carter. Before that, Nelson Rockefeller in the 60’s, Bryon in 1896. Is it to say that The U.S. has become a giant thrash can? I see that with H-1B visa row with Trump consistently pointing fingers at non-Americans for being responsible of country’s unemployment and declining economical structure. According to him, all the rest who aren’t of American origin should leave the country, which would solve all of USA’s issues. 

So, how can a feminist TV star making a nice role for herself in another country’s TV shows and films and being featured on TIME cover is not to say the political right thing and still make inroads into elite America? not possible.

And to add to that, Priyanka Chopra has been invited to annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner with current US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Imagine Pakistani artist working in India giving these kind of statements against current political scenario in India! Would that go well with Indian politicians and not to mention with these so-called ‘nationalists’? Should she shut up then? Should she just confine herself within limits of her entertainment industry career and not mind the more important issues even if she is being crowned among the most influential people in the World?

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