Private coaching classes to be regulated by the law : Maharashtra Government

To regulate private coaching classes in the state, Maharashtra government is planning to bring a legislation. Law and Judiciary department had given a preliminary go ahead and this was stated by the Education Minister Vinod Tawde at the Legislative Assembly.

maharashtra education minister vinod tawde

BJP Legislator Sardar Tara Singh said that the government had no control over thousands of private coaching classes that are increasing in the city. Education minister responded to the attention motion raised by Sardar Tara Singh. Previous attempt to draft a similar law also did not take off & failed and the government had no control over the private coaching classes, as said by the minister Vinod Tawde.

Education Minister Tawde further added that, this is very serious issue bothering the education system, parents hard earned money are looted by these classes. A connection between these classes and colleges is present. Maharashtra government is hoping to bring a law that would regulate those atrocious activities.

Previous committee report had made many recommendations to control coaching classes that included fixing teacher-student ratio in the classes, infrastructure, qualifications of teachers etc. To ensure that the legislation stands the scrutiny of the High Court, the Education minister said that Advocate General would be consulted before the law is drafted.

According to former Chief minister and senior Congress leader Mr. Prithviraj Chavan, the state should try and prevent the advertisements of these private coaching classes before they get published and by doing this, the reach and popularity of the classes would be reduced. Education minister Vinod Tawde said that he would examine what Prithviraj Chavan had said.

Tawde further added that, if there are any complaints regarding connection between college and coaching classes, which permitted students to bunk colleges for the sake of private classes, his department would take actions on these institutes.

Establishment of a committee headed by chief secretary has been decided by the government and private players had been recommended to appoint a management member, who would be responsible for violation of the Act, apart from the principal of respective colleges.

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