Prime Minister raise questions on Ashram Schools scheme for tribal regions

Ashram schools in Tribal areas

Hon’ble Prime Minister has raised questions to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs seeking answers over the trivial issue that on what all rationale the ashram or residential schools for tribal students in remote villages are running. For which the Ministry is said to be rethinking of renewing and modifying the scheme. The questions were raised by the PM when after the recent survey the reports that were prepared cited that on an average there are as many two schools in tribal-dominated villages.

Modi also want clarifications from the Ministry of tribal Affairs about the administration of the Ashram schools. “It has been pointed out that there is gross mismanagement in running of these schools where teacher misrepresent the number of students enrolled in a school and wrongfully take money from the government showing bogus attendance figures,” the official said.

Since last twenty five years to increase the literacy rate of India government started establishing ashram schools in remote tribal-dominated villages. As per the statements of the officials, “ministry is exploring the possibility of reframing the entire scheme” just because Prime Minister has asked them to give the answer that on which all basis these schools are running.

Since 1990-91 who so ever was the ruling government was offering funds to the Ministry to build ashram or residential schools for tribal students. Not only this, but the government also took the responsibility of bearing all the construction related expenses. The proper maintenance of the physical infrastructure and smooth running of the school was the responsibility of the State.

As per the Modi’s officials what is the logic behind running expensive Ashram schools when the parents or the guardians of the students living on remote tribal areas do not want to send their wards to schools instead they want to keep them back at home. The reason why Ashram Schools are considered expensive is that every month on a single child on an average Rs. 1000 only is spent by the state on their food and loading.

Moreover an unidentified official said, “The Prime Minister pointed out that with increasing and improving road connectivity why would the parents want to send their child to a school which is far away from home. They would much rather keep the child home and send to a nearby school”.

The ministry has started working on the feedback that is to be given to the Prime Minister on “How the Ashram Schools are functioning?”

They have enlisted all the students who stood meritorious in their fields in all the Ashram Schools across the country. Also a briefing has been prepared for Prime Minister laying emphasis on how ashram schools have been a successful model of education.

While giving clarifications over the financial mismanagement officials of the Ministry said that the maximum cases of financial issues have been reported from the state of Gujarat as the schools over there are run by the nongovernmental organisations. In all other states the financial issues are minimum because the schools are run directly by the state.

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