PM Narendra Modi to visit Saudi Arabia, an attempt to strengthen India-Saudi ties

narendra modi in saudi arabia
Narendra Modi with Saudi Arabia King (late) Abdullah bin Abdulaziz in a meeting in November

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would visit Saudi Arabia on Sunday. This visit is considered to be a part of the plan of strengthening the ties between the two nations. Currently Narendra Modi is attending the nuclear security summit in Washington. They are also ready to offer security and military co-operations to each other. The news was confirmed by the Indian government officials earlier today.

There will be signing of the trade agreements between the two nations. According to the officials, they will also sign contracts so as to secure the investment for the infrastructure projects and also offer military and security cooperation. This is going to be Narendra Modi’s first official visit to Saudi Arabia which will be on 2-3 April. Before this, Dr. Manmohan Singh visited Riyadh in the year 2010 and soon there was a turn in the bilateral relations that changed the relations between the two nations.

On the same lines, this short visit by Narendra Modi is no less important. This visit also seeks to improve the relations between the India & Saudi and looks forward to re-ignite the bilateral, regional and global ties. The most important issue that will be discussed is the procurement of the oil from the oil rich nation. Besides this, several areas like that of energy security, defense, security, culture and Indian community are some of the significant areas. All these issues got concreted when late King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz visited New Delhi in the year 2006.

This visit of Narendra Modi to middle east nation seems to happen after he has travelled to UAE some months ago and has signed a security cooperation agreement which includes regular meetings between the top security advisers. Building stronger relations with the gulf countries will surely help India get a more sympathetic hearing on different global and regional forums. The bond that the two nations share is way beyond oil.

India, not being a muslim majority nation, has the second largest muslim population in the world. The relations have though not reached to that level. So, it is expected that Modi’s visit will make the bond even more strong in areas like economic and trade ties, defense and security ties. It is better if both the nations work mutually and try and strengthen the relations.

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