Prime Minister Narendra Modi in all praise for Sathyabama University students

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met a group of students involved in building the satellite ‘Satyabamasat’. The students had especially invited the Prime Minister to show him their work for which the Prime Minister also tweeted calling his experience as an enthralling one. The students belong to the Sathyabama University and were accompanied by the vice-chancellor of the university, Dr. B. Sheela Rani. The Prime Minister appreciated not just the efforts of the students but also the intention with which they went onto building the satellite. The reason cited behind building the satellite is to collect the data on greenhouse effect.

The Prime Minister took to twitter to express his experience to the country. “A riveting interaction to remember…with students involved in building satellite Sathyabamasat. You will recall that Sathyabamasat was one of the twenty satellites launched by ISRO using launch vehicle PSLV-C34 on 22nd June, 2016,” the Prime Minister said in a series of tweets.

The satellite’s aim, as earlier said, is to understand the uneven balance that has been happening in the climate change. It would help in collecting the data on greenhouse gases like Water vapor, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Methane and Hydrogen fluoride. The satellite was part of ISRO’s record launch that involved 22 satellites being lifted by the agency’s workhorse PSLV in one go.

Earlier in march, a pre-launch program was held in the university, where the project director at ISRO’s Satellite Center invoked the students to be innovative. He stated that global warming is one of the major threats in the world and with the help of the satellite, we can monitor the green-house gases and get to know the sources of emission and curb it. The project was initiated in the year 2009. An MoU was signed between the university and ISRO to support the design, development and launch of the satellite. The university witnessed the establishment of a space technology center so that the researchers could conduct advance the research in rocketry, satellites and space applications.

A lot of people were involved in the research which included the faculty members and a team of the university students and their research was periodically reviewed by the ISRO scientists. The efforts are basically to provide real time design and development experience of compact space students to students. ISRO is the primary agency to use the satellite data. Eventually, other agencies would also be sharing it like IMD for interpretation.

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