Prime Minister Modi Takes Cognizance of Drought Mitigation Measures

bundelkhand drought
Kids carrying water in the drought hit region

As many states across the country have been hit by drought, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided to meet Chief Ministers of these states and discuss with them on certain drought related issues. He will also talk about issues related to water scarcity in the states and will review all the steps taken by concerned departments to tackle the situation. The problem of water scarcity has hit these states very badly.

According to officials, “The Prime Minister will assess the drought situation and seek details of progress of relief work in the meeting with Chief Ministers.”

States like Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka are worst hit by drought along with others, PM Modi is to meet Chief Ministers of these states, Akhilesh Yadav, Devendra Fadnavis and S Siddaramaiah. All these Chief Ministers have been invited separately by Narendra Modi to discuss the issue. Besides them, various other ministers of the respective departments will also be present at the meeting.

The invitation was sent to the Ministers on the same day when Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav rejected the offer of a water train to Bundelkhand region in UP and instead said that the water problem in the region is not that bad. He also said that the water train should be taken to Latur region, and for Bundelkhand 10,000 water tankers would be more than enough.

After holding meeting with UP CM Akhilesh Yadav, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “I had a productive meeting with UP CM Akhilesh Yadav on the drought situation in various parts of UP and various drought mitigation measures undertaken in the state were discussed extensively in the meeting.”

Radha Mohan Singh, Agriculture Minister, said in a Rajya Sabha meeting that, “The Centre’s role is to monitor and state’s role is to provide assistance and help the affected people at ground level.” He further added, “The central government does its bit, but all state governments should also do their best.” He said farmers are the major priority of central government and they have taken all the measures that they could take.

Cabinet Minister PK Sinha instructed all the ministers who have been facing this situation to release the funds at least till the Finance Bill gets approved as it has become very important because monsoon is approaching. He also ordered the Centre and the State governments to come and coordinate so that the problem can be tackled.

A lot of issues have been raised by various states like that of the construction of farm ponds, community ponds and also wanted to release the funds so that water harvesting measures can be taken up early. Also, the Centre wants the states to use water judiciously and store water at the same time.

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