Prime Minister Modi gets backing for India’s NSG Membership from Mexico

Concluding his five nation’s tour, Narendra Modi visited Mexico on Thursday where he was supported in a positive manner on India’s bid for membership in NSG. The two countries have also agreed to draw a road map on which both of them will work so that they are able to build their ties and work for each other on building a strategic relationship. Before Mexico, even Switzerland extended support to India on its inclusion in the elite group.

This has proved to be a very positive step for India ahead of a plenary meeting of the 48 nation bloc where the members of the group are allowed to trade and deal in nuclear technology. The President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto said on Thursday that they are positively and constructively supporting India’s membership to the NSG. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also thanked Mexico and said that Mexico is a very important partner of India in its energy security. He said, “We are meeting for the third time in the last two years. I truly value your friendship Mr. President. Mexico is an important partner for India’s energy security. We are looking to move beyond buyer-seller relationship and into a long-term partnership.”

In their meeting, both the leaders focused on how the relationship between two nations can be deepened in a number of areas like that of trade and investment, information technology and climate change and energy.

So far, United States has supported India’s entry into the NSG, though China is still against it. China believes that India cannot be a part of this because India has yet not signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. The Nuclear Suppliers Group, NSG is involved in controlling the proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. It also looks after some of the crucial issues related to the nuclear sector. It had granted an exclusive waiver to India in the year 2008 after China reluctantly backed India’s case in the Indo-US nuclear deal.

NSG membership is very crucial for India. If India gets membership to NSG, it will get access to the sophisticated technology. And this access will help India in a lot of areas, like medicine and also the building of the nuclear power plants. As Mexico is a member of NSG, so its support for India is also very important. Before Mexico, PM Modi also visited Switzerland, United States and both of them have extended their support to India, despite China not supporting India.

The NSG works on some principles, and even if one country votes against India, it might be a reason to worry for India. For the past few years, India has been trying hard but made its move finally this year on May 12.

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