With dip in temperature, Primary Classes in Delhi Schools suspended till 23 January

Delhi government directed the schools to suspend primary classes for three days, i.e. the primary classes to be suspended till January 23. The decision has been initiated due to chilly weather in the national capital. Delhi government has also asked the private schools in the region to modify their timings as per their convenience.

primary classes suspended in delhi

Government has also issued directives to public schools to start the school an hour later than their usual timings.

The statement from Directorate to Education (DoE) to schools reads,

“Due to the ongoing cold weather and the weather forecast that temperature of Delhi may decrease further, it has been decided that primary classes (Class KG to V) will remain suspended from 21.01.2016 (Thursday) to 23.01.2016 (Saturday). Further, the schools are directed to amend the school timings as under :

Morning Shift and General Shirt Government/Government Aided Schools will start one hour later than their usual time and Evening Shift Government/Government Aided Schools will close one hour before their usual time. All the Government and Government Aided Schools are directed to follow the above instructions.

All Unaided Recognized Schools are advised that they may amend their timings.”

Earlier on Wednesday morning, the minimum temperature was recorded as 9 degree Celsius, considering which government decided to suspend the primary classes in government-run schools. Further, the decision was also taken to start the schools one hour later than their usual timings.

Recently, the government had issued circular for schools to run classes for minimum of 222 days in an academic year.

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