President Urges Youth for nation development at vnit 13th convocation

By | June 11, 2018

President urges young stars to take part into Nation Development

Our honorable president Pranab Mukherjee delivers an inspiring speech to the youth on the occasion of  VNIT 13th convocation. Very first he congratulates the students those who completed their graduation successfully in one of the prestigious institute i.e Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology. And he thanked to VNIT management for inviting to birth anniversary of India’s great son, Sir M. Visvesvaraya.

He said education is an instrument that can be used to develop our country economically and socially. To get this degree, you may experienced lot of ups, downs, anxiety, pressure and also met different people under this tree and experienced lot fun and joy with your friends and learn many things here. He boost up the students with his valuable speech that is youth have to utilize the current technology to improve their technical knowledge in a proper manner to achieve goals and step into success way. Also he let the students know that how science and technology play a vital role in solving the various critical issues in the society. Hence, Pranab Mukherjee sir urge the youth in his own words that is “you all have to keep updating yourself with new technologies to build our nation in a modern way and all young stars are our nations pride”. And he also addressed the technologists and said that they crossed the boundaries of using technology by integrating with physical science these days. Technologists face many challenges and solve any type of problems in quick and easy manner. They tried to solve any problem in a less expensive way. Like them he suggested the coming youth should cope up themselves to understand the science & technology and need to fight for better tomorrow. And he suggested on this memorable day, young people have to set your own path for entering the real world.

On this special occasion, Pranab Mukherjee remembered the Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and spoke a few words about him i.e: ”Science and technology will help us to solve the problems of hunger and poverty, of disease and illiteracy, of superstition and deadening custom, of vast resources running to waste of a rich country inhabited by a poor people”

He encourages the students to become successful leaders with his valuable speech. To create employment and encourages the entrepreneurs, Govt of India launched “Start-up India” scheme. Under this, Govt provides a financial support to the start-up businesses. Pranab Mukherjee called the students to create employment instead of searching for job opportunities. As an entrepreneur, you can create more wealth for the society. Moreover, this will be the biggest contribution to our national development.

On VNIT 13th convocation The president of India 2015 Pranab also said, in earlier days no Indian institute weren’t placed in top 200 institutions of the world. I take several steps and meetings in last 3 years towards the development of standards in education. As a result, finally our Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore stands in 147 positions and Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi got 179 ranks in the QS World University Rankings. On this proud moment, I would like to congratulate the staff and faculty members of these institutes. This ranking reflects the growth in placement and revenue for students.

I would like to call everyone to develop and make our nation with their valuable knowledge, skills and creative idea thinking. Competitive environment leads to knowing new thong, learn advanced technologies, develop research and innovation.

Pranab strongly believed that VNIT will become leaders for entrepreneurship and innovation. Finally, he once again congratulated all the students to become graduates today. He also addressed all the people and said a few final words those are “you are the valuable asset to our nation intellectual wealth.” At last, our honorable president concluded with the following Mahatma Gandhi quote i.e “Be the change that you wish to see in this world.”

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