President nods for probe into Allahabad University VC R L Hangloo

HRD Ministry wrote to the President to look into the inquiry against the University Vice Chancellor. Recently, there were some allegations against the Vice Chancellor of the Allahabad University, V.C. R L Hangloo.

Allahabad University VC
Allahabad University VC, Prof. R L Hangloo

Business Standard reports that in the letter written to the President by the HRD Ministry, it said, “The President has approved the proposal for a fact- finding inquiry into the complaint against the VC alleging administrative and other irregularities.” After that letter was forwarded, the HRD Ministry was waiting for the approval of the President. The letter also mentioned about the allegations against the AMU VC, Zameerudhin Shah. He was appointed by the UPA in the year 2012. His term will expire next year.

The HRD Ministry wrote to the President to conduct a “visitorial inquiry” in this case. There were allegations against the Vice Chancellor that he was irregular in his responsibilities. It also mentioned about the financial and administrative irregularities. The letter was later forwarded to the President. The President is the visitor of all central universities. Zameerudhin Shah said that he is innocent and he is ready for any sort of inquiry. He said, “The allegations of financial and administrative irregularities are untrue and have been designed to sully my image by vested interests. I am however fully prepared to face any such inquiry if and when it is instituted.”

He further added, “The charges against me are being leveled by some vested interests to jeopardize and prejudice the ongoing case against my appointment in the apex court.”

In the year 2016, February, Allahabad University was in the news for wrong reasons. It is said that the Office of Special Duty appointed by the Vice Chancellor is accused of sexual harassment. The accused, Amit Singh, is one of the six people who was named by a student from Allahabad University for accusing them sexually. A FIR was also filed against Amit Singh.

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