Pre-placement offers all-time high in IITs this year

In what must come as a heartening and welcoming news to the Indian engineering sector, the IITs, often considered as the tour de force in engineering education, have witnessed manifold jump in the number of pre-placement offers (PPO) to their students.

Staying in tune with the latest job surveys, the increment has been observed evenly for all the sectors. For an instance, according to a report by ‘Salary and Employment Outlook’ by Michael Page, “India’s employment market has remained largely unaffected by the global economic slowdown and 60% of employers plan to increase headcount in 2017.”

Almost all the IITs have witnessed this jump. One of the new IITs, IIT-BHU in Varanasi has already registered more than 32% jump in the number of PPOs, from 71 last year to 94 in the current year including companies such as Edgeverve and Nvidia, visiting the campus for the first time.

IIT Roorkee has seen an increase of up to 27%, from 85 to 108 PPOs.

IIT Kharagpur, country’s first IIT is not lagging and has so far received 170 PPOs, close to what it received in the entire last year.

IIT Madras, having received 63 PPOs already, is also about to surpass its last year’s tally of 69.

Many companies are visiting the campuses of many IITs for the first time. For an instance, Accenture Services, American Express India, Vodafone, Visa and Capital One Financial Services are among the nine companies that have visited the IIT Roorkee campus for the first time including Maxlinear, Barclays, IFMR and Wipro Consumer Care which have visited IIT Madras for PPOs.

Arcesium and Innoplexus are the two companies that have made offers for the first time at IIT Guwahati, which has already crossed last year’s overall tally with more than 70 PPOs so far.

Some companies such as Adobe have gone on further ahead and recruited almost thrice the number of students it chose last year form IIT-Kanpur.

In IIT Kharagpur, 38 companies have already offered 170 PPOs compared to 175 PPOs offered by 59 companies in the entire placement season last year.

According to Parag Pande, Accenture’s human resource lead for India, “…this year the company is extending PPOs to hire specialized skills for its digital business. Internships are an opportunity for hiring organizations as well as potential employees to test waters, and make an informed decision while making a long-term commitment.”

Vishpala Reddy, head of human resources at American Express, expressed similar views and stated that: “Campus is an important channel of our talent strategy which helps us engage and experience this group of bright talent and effectively build our talent pipeline.”

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