Pondicherry University protests : Students damaged university property

pondicherry universityAs a part of revenge for attacking the registrar, a professor of Pondicherry University was manhandled and his office was damaged. Part of students and some non-teaching staffs attacked N Dastagir Reddy, faculty member and General Secretary of Teachers’ Association. Mr. Reddy protested against Mrs Chandra Krishnamurthy, Vice-chancellor of Pondicherry University.

Totally shocked and deeply hurt by this incident, Mr. Reddy said that he moved outside the university campus as it was unsafe inside. He also said that, vice chancellor Mrs Chandra Krishnamurthy supporters attacked him and these supporters had already attacked two other women faculties and had damaged a car. Samyuktha, Pondicherry University chief librarian, locked herself inside a cabin to protect herself from a group of 100 people who damaged the library.

Register in-charge G Panneeerselvam was held captive by the protesting students and faculty. Panneeerselvam, a heart patient was admitted in Intensive Care Unit. The protesting students wanted the removal of Panneeerselvam as he was a close friend of Vice chancellor. A senior police officer was of the view that the attack was a revenge act.

Pondicherry University had been in the news for few weeks for the removal of Vice Chancellor Krishnamurthy, who was accused of fraud to get the top post of the college. Anisha B Khan, vice chancellor in-charge, appointed by HRD ministry did not accept the complaints as she was threatened by a group of people. Dastagir Reddy requested Vinay Oberoi, HRD secretary, to instruct Pondicherry government for giving protection to new vice chancellor in-charge, faculty members and students.

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According to the faculty members and students of the college, the curriculum vitae of Mrs Chandra Krishnamurthy had details of some research papers which were not published. They were also of the opinion that, the book published by Mrs Chandra Krishnamurthy was not original but a 98% copied one. The vice chancellor was accused of mismanagement of the administration.

Mrs Chandra Krishnamurthy challenged that she would prove that the claims against here were not true. Some sources close to vice chancellor said that Mrs Chandra was accused for her crackdown on Rs. 25 crore equipment purchase scam. Mr Siva, convenor of the Pondicherry (South wing) unit of DMK called upon the government of Pondicherry to talk with students representatives and take steps to end this on going protests of the university.

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