PEC reserves a large sum for transforming into Technical University

For a college or a university, gaining prominence is important. Those colleges that have specialized courses to offer are the ones that are sought the most by the students. The simple reason to this is that these colleges give their attention to these specialized courses, thus, looking into all the aspects that can upgrade the standard of the courses. A similar step has been decided by the government-run Pondicherry Engineering College (PEC) which has planned to upgrade itself into a technical university and an astronomical sum has been reserved for this plan. It is said that a sum of Rs 27 crore has been set aside, not only for infrastructure but other development works as well. The Education Minister, R. Kamalakannan, confirmed about the change on Wednesday.

pondicherry engineering collegeThe first year batch of this engineering college was addressed by the education minister wherein he said that the initiative that is planned for this year should have been taken last year itself. He cited certain indispensable circumstances and added that funds have been earmarked under the Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) Plan by the HRD Ministry. The emphasis by the minister was for the students to hone their skills, especially that a land had been given up by the farmers and the students should be thankful about this fact.

Revenue Minister M.O.H.F. Shahjahan, who also holds the portfolio of Information Technology, said that there was every necessity to endorse and stimulate the skills of the students in English language. The major concern lies in the inability to express in the language as there is a lack in the communication skill. What dents the esteem of these students is when they lose a placement due to this very inability of theirs. In interviews, they are not able to pick up a proper answer and evoke what is to be answered when they are questioned. This is an impediment as most of the big companies require students who not only possess technical skills but are well-versed with the language.

Mr Shahjahan said that PEC was ranked 40 at the national level among engineering colleges in the country. But the need of the hour is to improve the ranking and bring the college amongst the best 10 colleges of the country. The minister denounced the memorization of subjects in the learning system and invoked the students to enhance their skills and make progress in education.

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