PMK and DMK opposes new child labor law 2015

A new decision has been made by the Union cabinet that amends the child labor law allowing the children to join work under certain conditions. But DMK and NDA ally PMK strongly opposes the decision, as they would hamper the education system and would deprive the children from going to schools. The new law reveals that children below 14 years of age can work in entertainment sector or in family enterprises. However, one needs to know the conditions that would allow the process. However, DMK President M.Karunanidhi divulges how it would affect their education while they would remain engaged in their work.

Request to Drop the Proposal

M.Karunanidhi urges Prime Minister Narendra Modi to withdraw the proposal and allow the children to study well without the worries to join work. The law however asks the children to work after the school timing and during the holidays. But still confusion is on the rise that shows the violation of the Child Labor Act. And even it would encourage child labor and thus they would be deliberately pushed to work earning some money. Since, the overture of RTE the child labor was continuously decreasing but the new amendment would affect the situation and it would become worse in future. Alongside, Karunanidhi Ramadoss also request for the withdrawal of the proposal that would hamper the overall social ambiance.

new child labour law 2015

What are the real changes?

According to sources, the children can only be employed for certain family businesses, entertainment or for sports activities. On the other hand, the punishment for violation the law has been increased up to 3 years of jail along with a fine up to Rs. 50,000. So, the employers should remain careful and need to stay away from any illegal employment of the children abusing them physically or mentally. On 13th May 2015, the Cabinet approved the new changes in law that’s enacted to improve the overall status of the society. And also make sure that the children are not engaged with any sort of hazardous activities that may threaten their health or mind. The children can participate in the circus events but that should be after the school period to avoid the negligence to education. The new law comes out with the relaxation for the parents who were found with similar guilt as that of the employer. It’s revealed that initially the parents would not be subjected to any sort of punishment whereas if the same thing happens in future they would have to pay up to Rs.10,000 as a penalty. Also, for the 2nd offence of employing a child as a labor the previous law enforces a term of 6 month imprisonment that now would be raised to a time period of 2 years.

What’s the importance of the new law?

The new form of law would come out with manifold beneficial features that would be useful to maintain the economic balance for the society. It would raise the fund for the rehabilitation activities improving the overall benefits for the community.

Hence, the new law comes out with the positive as well as negative impacts on the society. And the opposition from PMK and DMK also needs consideration comprehending the better format.

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