PM to host Mann Ki Baat to talk about exams

One has always wondered whether the right boost could be provided with at a juncture where it is needed the most. Remember the time when Board exams were around. The rueful conscience that we carried if the preparations had not even reached half-way. Our parents voice of concern reeked more of carefully-styled frustration than of support. Such were our times that the miracles we desperately searched for only came when the exams ended. Indeed, there is no substitute to hard work. But what if you hear that the Prime Minister of your country has reserved a day exclusively dedicated to talk about your exams.

Narendra Modi Mann Ki BaatThe students will get to interact with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 29 on the show, Mann Ki Baat. The Prime Minister has made few tweets over Board and the other upcoming competitive exams. He has invited students, parents and the teachers to share their experiences about the exams season. Their views on the show are meant to inspire the listeners; especially the ones about to sit for the exams.

The Indian radio programme which is hosted by the Prime Minister has witnessed him discuss as many topics since October 3, 2014, the day it first aired. From Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, drug abuse,OROP ( One Rank One Pension) to Demonetisation, the PM has made sure to enlighten the audience about the government’s commitment for the betterment of this country. The show has been well received by the masses who have equally participated by raising their issues through putting up the questions to the PM.

The upcoming episode would also have our PM welcome and share anecdotes relating to Boards fear.

The PMO statement said, “The Prime Minister invites all of you, particularly students, parents and teachers to share their experiences about examinations be it preparing for examinations, the role of parents and teachers in the run up to the examinations. Please also share memorable exam anecdotes that have left a lasting impression in your minds.”

There is no denying that the students are up for another motivation by the Prime Minister. The interaction would surely alleviate their tension if assurance comes pouring in from a man of such stature.

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