PM Narendra Modi launches Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

Indian PM Mr Narendra Modi, after launching Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Make in India, Digital India campaign has launched another campaign named skill India campaign.

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana was launched by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on Wednesday 15 July 2015 . The main objective behind the launch is to create skilled man power at grass-root level by giving them vocational, technical and skill development education as stated by Union Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley.

pradhan mantri kaushal vikas yojana

This campaign is not a new one but revamped version. UPA government in 2009, launched National Skills Policy aimed to impart skills to 500 million people by 2022 and NDA government had reduced it to 400 million people by 2022. According to Mr. Purusharth, Director, technical and industrial training, the time available is very short and  scheme launched would allow States to modify the policy as per their local requirements.

He cited the reason for not implementing the policy earlier was the lack of funds and hoped that the new scheme would make sure that enough funds are available. Proper skill development plan is the basic need of the hour as more than 300 million people would be joining workforce in another two decades and providing employment to all of them would be a challenging task.

‘Growth Kick’ would not be there as youngsters are going to be involved in low skill, low value and low return services, according to some economists. Only 8 to 9 % people have skill out of 12.8 million people joining the workforce. With many not having the capacity to read or write would  hamper the growth of industries.

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Lavesh Bahandari of Financial Times spoke about the fact that the reason for skill deficit depends on the basic primary education. Many reports also say that India’s children enrolling in schools are not learning anything. For many years, many industrial nations are running this skill development programs, but shortage in funds often lead to stoppage.

Chhattisgarh government is using skill development initiatives in providing employment to the youngsters and also helping them to wean away from Maoists. Collector Neeraj Kumar Bansod said that, Livelihood College was established in 2013 in Sukhma for two purposes, namely, imparting skills and provide them with exposure to the outside world. Both technical as well as soft skills are taught to make them ready for labour market.

Mr Arun Jaitley who is in Amritsar, to preside over convocation at Global institutes, spoke about the program under National Skill Development Mission, that would impart skill training to 2.4 million youths over next year and incentives would be provided to trained candidates.

According to Mr Arun jaitley, this program would be a blessing in disguise for skilled youngsters as it would increase the self reliant capacity of youths after getting trained professionally. Apart from encouraging students to become best, the minister also said that this era belongs to skilled people and professionals who can compete. At the Global institute, Mr Arun Jaitley gave degrees to graduates and post graduates.


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