PM Narendra Modi launched first Uzbek-Hindi dictionary

The first Uzbek-Hindi dictionary was released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his official visit to Uzbekistan. During the launch of dictionary, there were two other dignitaries present along with Modi – Uzbekistan Prime Minister and Indologist Rakhmatov. Amidst interaction with scholars and indologists in Tashkent, the ceremony took place. Hindi language students and Indian community members were present at the launching event.

narendra modi launched uzbek-hindi dictionary
A snapshot at the event

During his eight day tour to five central Asian countries and Russia, Tashkent was his first stop. Earlier he had mentioned in his tweet that he was looking forward to meet Indologists from Uzbekistan. He also stated that India was looking to expand its bilateral ties with Uzbekistan in matters relating to economic cooperation, stability and promoting regional integration.

During his visit, Modi stressed over the importance of language, impressing upon the significance and value of Hindi language as the country advances on its path to economic progress. He believes that countries that have strong economies should encourage people to learn their language and thereby help the language expand its roots faster.

Addressing the Indologists, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the immense importance of Hindi language and its rapid rise in the decades to come. He referred to the growing conflicts and suggested that he liked the view of Uzbek Prime Minister Islam Karimov’s view that music could be used as the best means to stay away from violence. Modi holds the view that popularity of a language is linked to the financial might of any country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi next spoke about the importance of education, saying that he believed in the fact that for successful development of personality, the importance of language cannot be ignored. A common language bounds two strangers in a foreign land. Language is the window that offers immense opportunities.

In his opinion ‘people-to-people conduct’ is the basis for building up ties between any two countries where language and culture are considered truly vital. The feel and the vibe of an era can be felt through its language. Language is the soul of an epoch. Languages have big heart.

Key regional issues were the primary point of discussion. But apart from that the discussion also pondered on ways to enhance and strengthen economic, energy and strategic ties. Modi wrote in a tweet that in Uzbekistan, Indian movies and songs are very popular 50 years of Hindi broadcasting was completed by Uzbekistan radio on 2012.

Also on the cards were intense discussions between two prime ministers on matters related to trade and defense and how best to cooperate to strengthen ties.

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