PM Narendra Modi launched Financial Inclusion Initiative in Varanasi

Holy city of Varanasi witnessed the launching of one important initiative on September 18th, 2015. This initiative referred to as financial inclusive initiative was instigated where as a part of this scheme, 101 e-rickshaws, 501 pedal rickshaws were given. It was well known to all that the ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana’ initiative was started by PM Modi last year. The main objective behind this initiative was to ensure access to financial services like banking, insurance, pension etc in economical way. Addressing the people in Varanasi, Modi said that 18 crore accounts were opened under this initiative and Rs 30,000 crores was deposited by the account holders. Modi also shared his views on inaccessibility of the banks inspite of them being nationalized.

Under this scheme, the beneficiaries would get bank accounts and RuPay cards etc. One main point was that the e-rickshaws would be equipped with digital equipments such as cameras, GPRS etc. This initiative of Mr Modi was combined effort of banks like SIDBI, IDBI bank ,UCO Bank etc. It must be noted that the higher level authorities of these banks were also present.

Narendra Modi
PM Modi addressing people over financial inclusion initiative in Varansi

Indian PM Modi expressed his views during the occasion and said that the initiative would bring about changes in the fortunes of the people belonging to Varanasi. Mr Modi spoke about how poverty still existed inspite of many talks regarding its removal for many decades. Modi showed his unhappiness regarding the life of poor and spoke about the many past government’s inefficiency towards the removal of poverty. Many experiments were done in this regard and results were not fruitful.

The Prime Minister focused his talk towards the education for people and said that Education is the best way to fight poverty.

There were some talks regarding the need to increase the speed and scale of the result of the initiatives to eradicate poverty. PM also spoke about how economically poor people were ready to do hard work for the future generation. Mr Narendra Modi also touched on Union Government’s skill development programme to make the poor people independent.

PM Modi communicated with some people who had received push-carts and rickshaws and got their feedbacks. These people wanted better education for their kids. They also wanted to have higher income from increased sales and  they were of the view that push-carts would help in future. Modi also expressed his joy over the Rakhi’s he had received from the city of Varanasi during the famous Raksha Bandhan festival. He also conveyed his thanks to all the women of Varanasi for their blessings and good wishes. There were many rickshaw pullers who attended the gathering and these people came form states such as Bihar many decades back and had settled in Varanasi.

It must be noted that, PM Modi planned to visit his constituency twice in the past nine months but could not succeed due to changes in his schedules. There were some talks that the religious city of Varanasi was not allowing PM Modi to visit also. Mr Modi assured the people who were present on the occasion that he would bring about the removal of poverty in 50 months time. PM also spoke about advantage in having well trained drivers of e-rickshaws and said that they would increase the tourists and pilgrims to the holy city.

Some of the other important agendas of PM Modi’s visit would be the inauguration of trauma centre inside BHU. Mr Modi would also be involved in the inauguration of Integrated Power Development Scheme, IPDS which promises 24/7 power supply across the nation. A budget of Rs 45,000 crores had been allotted towards this scheme. Some other agenda in PM’s visit included the inauguration of railway reservation counter near Ramnagar post office, inauguration of 16 km Ring Road to make travel better between nearby areas to Varanasi and vice-versa.

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