PM Narendra Modi inaugurated Gandhian and Indian studies centre at Fudan University, China

Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has started the 3 day visit to China that has initiated a new episode in the world history. He has inaugurated the Gandhian and Indian Study Center at the Fudan University Sanghai. It represents the improved educational backdrop revealing the achievements of the famous Indian personality Mahatma Gandhi.

The staff who would work for the center would be employed by the Indian Council of Cultural Regulations (ICCR). Hence, it would come out with the better educational backdrop strengthening the mutual relation of both the countries. Previously, some books on the Gandhian thoughts have been published in China but this is for the first time India came out with the real establishment. Jawaharlal Neheru and Rabindranath Tegore attain a greater popularity across the country and thus Mr. Narendra Modi decided to set up the Gandhian thoughts. In 2014, Xi Jinping travelled to the Sabaramati Ashram during his visit to India. So, here lies the roots of the new program that make the citizens of India feel proud.

Gandhian Studies centre Fudan University
Indian PM addresses scholars at Fudan University

Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi uttered the words that the teachings of Gandhiji reveal the message against terrorism establishing the ultimate serenity. It would be therefore useful to stop the world violence that would even help to reduce the negative impacts of global warming. It’s even divulged that if India and China work together one-third of the world’s poverty would be eliminated and the new venture starts with the inauguration of the Gandhian Institute. Unification of the two philosophical formats from Lord Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi would give rise to a new beginning bringing in the real time success. In this way, the two strong crisis terrorism and global warming can controlled ensuring a better foundation for the future generation. Mr. Narendra Modi even revealed that the Mahatma Gandhi may have born in India but his thoughts consist of the people from the entire Universe. Knowledge knows no distance and thus it’s the responsibility of the human beings to make right use of it improving the status of human civilization.

The event represented 2 Chinese students who recited the famous slokas from Bhagwat Gita. It’s the most heart-touching incident that convinced the citizens of both the countries. Therefore, this clearly divulges the success rate of the new decision from the Indian Prime Minister.

Apart from this, Mr. Narenda Modi also attended the session with Chinese President Xi Jinping to set up the yoga school that would add up to some additional benefits.

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