Nuclear Security Summit : PM Narendra Modi calls for modern technology to counter terrorism

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on a two day visit to attend the nuclear security summit in Washington where he emphasized that all the nations must use modern technology to counter growing terrorism. PM Modi attended the Nuclear Security Summit along with the world leaders of 50 other countries. The nation leaders shared their assessment of the threat from nuclear weapons and materials in the summit. It was the first time that Narendra Modi attended the Nuclear Security Summit where he talked about his vision of securing nuclear weapons.

narendra modi in nuclear security summit 2016
Prime Minister Narendra Modi with US President Barack Obama discussing at working dinner in Nuclear Security Summit 2016

Narendra Modi arrived in Washington on Thursday from Brussels where he took part in the India-EU Summit. This was the fourth and final Nuclear Security summit, an initiative taken by Barack Obama to bring foreign countries at one platform as an attempt to stop terrorism. The summit would be followed by three plenary sessions on Friday. In the first plenary session, leaders would discuss on national actions to be taken to enhance the national security. It would be followed by a working lunch, where the focus of discussions would be on international institutional actions to strengthen nuclear security. The third one would be a policy discussion on nuclear terrorism based on a hypothetical scenario. All the participating national would submit their national nuclear progress reports. This is PM Modi’s third visit to US, earlier he had visited New York and Silicon Valley.

While addressing the nation leaders, PM Modi pointed out the use of outdated technology in fighting terrorism. “Global terrorism has evolved over time and terrorists are now using modern technology and devices while national and international efforts to counter them have become outdated,” he said. Praising US President Barack Obama’s initiative, Modi said,”By putting spotlight on nuclear security, Obama has done great service to global security.”

PM Modi also pointed out that the recent bomb blasts in Brussels showed the whole world a new dimension of terrorism in form of threat to nuclear security. Calling upon all the leaders to cooperate, he said, “we still act only nationally to counter this threat. The reach and supply chains of terrorism are global, but genuine cooperation between nation states is not.”

Modi also advocated the prevention and prosecution of acts of terrorism so that nuclear terrorism could be avoided. “Drop the notion that terrorism is someone else’s problem and that ‘his’ terrorist is not ‘my’ terrorist,” he said.

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