PM Modi will launch National Career Counselling Portal on 20 July

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch one of its kind, a national career counselling portal on 20th July. This comes as a part of Prime Minister’s vision to modernize all the employment exchanges run by Government of India.

Union Minister of State for labour, Bandaru Dattatreya said that the portal, which is being setup under the National Career service (NCS) project, is targeted at transforming the current system of employment exchange. Currently, there are about 982 employment exchanges in India. A sum of INR 190 crore has been relieved for the transformation of a hundred of those.

national career counselling portalThis is only the first phase and eventually others will be transformed as well, the Minister added. Along with the employment exchange, facilities will also serve as counselling centres. The employment exchanges are said to be modernized and put under a national web portal. The portal will act as a one stone destination for both, those who are seeking jobs as well as those providing jobs. The registration has to be made online called National Career Counselling Centres.

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These exchanges will serve as career related counselling facilities apart from the traditional searching and applying for jobs. Candidates can avail career counselling facility by either visiting the centres or through helpline numbers that will be provided.

The Minister was speaking to reporters during the regional conference of state level Ministers of western regions. He said that there is an urgent need to reform old labour laws and assured that the Government is currently considering the reforms. He stated that 44 of the labour laws which were framed more than half a century ago require serious reviews and reconsideration. Keeping the modern day picture in mind, these out-dated laws need to be reformed.

The Minister, however, assured that the labourers’ interests will be paramount while reforming these laws. The concerns of Trade Unions will also be taken into consideration while formulating the final laws. The Minister stressed on the fact that suggestions will be taken from all concerned parties before coming to any conclusion.

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