Paradox Of Qualification in Indian Education System vs Employment

‘Paradox’ – something that is made up of two opposite things and that seems impossible but is actually true or possible. Along with various example of paradox, I think our country’s employment condition is another one. India has been a homeland of great scholars and politician. Decades past and gone, our country has been producing gems to this world.

highly qualified graduates apply for mediocre job

The days have not passed so much when Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai were all over the news when both became CEO of Microsoft and Google respectively. This reflects the sophistication and crafts of Indian education system in producing and providing the world with highly qualified people. But there also exists a gloomy side, where people with good qualification are facing those things of which, perhaps, neither have they imagined nor the government has expected.

Recent news from Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh uncovers that 19,000 applications, mostly from B.A., B.Sc., M.A., B.Techs and MBAs were received by the administration for 114 posts of ‘safai karamchari’ (sweepers). While no educational qualifications are required for the post, municipal corporations are caught off guard by the number of highly qualified applicants so far.

What can be the situation worse than when an engineer is applying for the post of sweeper? A hand which has been trained for machines and computers, will be holding broom moving and cleansing streets. It’s a shame not only for the people holding that broom but also for the government sitting on throne. We are currently in this situation that an engineer from IITs are earning crores of rupees and other from ‘no name’ engineering college is ready to maintain drainage and municipal sewer lines. Then why these ‘no name’ engineering college exist? Why have they not been scrapped yet at all? So, what will they do, pursue a bachelor degree from other discipline or try for higher education? Eventually, they will altogether be in the same row.

There is a huge gap between a manager from an IIM and a manager from ‘XYZ’ College. Despite studying the same books and same course, there persists a demarcation which should be resolved. Maybe their minds are not equally sharp but certainly not as deteriorated for a group-D job. Perhaps, there are not enough jobs in their respective field or they are aiming, particularly, for a government job. Lots of assumptions and possibilities can be drawn here.

In India there is a bug in most people’s minds – Government Job. People consider government job as a secure job. Students aim these job very passionately. But in the wake of these government jobs, qualified people put themselves in a low profile job. This is certainly a downgrade in a person’s caliber as well as in the country’s workforce quality.

Also, this will create problem to those people who actually suit for this job. As in above mentioned case, organization which represents sweepers has protested and demanded the job should only be reserved for Valmiki community, following which the Uttar Pradesh government has put the recruitment process on hold.

uttar pradesh sweeper jobs
Representational Image : Sweeper cleaning the road

Why this happens? Let’s take an insight.

A person, say, an Infosys trainee as an engineer and other, a clerk of any government office in a rural area. Infosys trainee comes at office at sharp at 9 a.m. in the morning and the clerk comes whenever he wants to. At Infosys, Trainee is encumbered with many assignments and at govt. office, clerk has to do deal with signature and stamps, commonly. A man with the bug of govt. job will choose to become a clerk. So there is a choice of luxury over struggle and it is evident.

Similarly, people choosing sweeper job say that it is easier to earn money in a govt. job than to work in a private firm. Or some people don’t have choice because they are jobless. Whatever is the problem, it goes considerably deeper in mostly middle-class of Indian society.

At present, NDA government has come with many schemes like Skill India, in which govt. promised to create more job opportunities, Digital India, and recently launched Startup India. But somehow, all these are seen of no use. Maybe it will show effect later but for sooner recovery for unemployment, govt. has to brainstorm in it. As India’s major workforce is youth, but it will go in vain if over qualified people will go after under qualified jobs. And also there should be improvement in condition of govt. office in remote areas so that the hype of luxury in govt. job would be removed.

This is not only the govt. responsibility to create job awareness among youths but also the qualified people should not undermine their quality. There are still many jobs at startups for graduates and post graduates and they should apply there. As it values country’s workforce quality and simultaneously for country’s economy. Every time one cannot blame the government for country’s responsibility, it is the people who make the country not the government.

As to remove gap in workforce is inevitable but with all efforts of government and people it can be made narrower. And in coming years India’s employment condition would not be in the list of examples of ‘Paradox’.

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