Pakistani Activist Khurram Zaki Shot Dead By Unknown Attackers

khurram zaki
Khurram Zaki (Centre) [Image taken from Facebook]
Pakistan based human rights activist Khurram Zaki was shot dead by four unknown attackers on Saturday night. Zaki was a research scholar, journalist, blogger and social media campaigner known for his strong stance against religious extremism in Pakistan.

Zaki (40) was having dinner at a hotel in North Karachi with another journalist Rao Khalid when four attackers came on two motorbikes and opened fire at him. Rao and a bystander identified as Aslam received injuries while Zaki succumbed to injuries at hospital. Zaki was immediately taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and then was referred to a private hospital where he took his last breath. Rao and Aslam’s condition is being monitored by doctors, both have received critical injuries, Senior Superintendent of Police Muqaddas Haider said.

Few hours before the attack, Khurram Zaki had congratulated Sadiq Aman Khan for being elected as first Mayor of London. He had posted on Facebook, “I am celebrating the greatness of Western Secular Democracy. In this day and age of terrorism and Islamophobia, London has risen above discrimination and bigotry and emerged as great centre of human civilisation setting a great example for the world.”

Zaki was famous due to his works for minority communities, he was running a Facebook page and blog, both titled ‘Let Us Build Pakistan’. He led a campaign against Lal Masjid cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz for inciting hatred against Shia Muslims and build enough pressure that a case was registered against Abdul Aziz. Aziz had refused to condemn terrorists who killed 150 school students in Peshawar. The website mentioned in its condolence sentence, “Khurram Zaki took a principled and courageous stance against the notorious Lal Masjid Deobandi cleric, Abdul Aziz, when the latter refused to condemn the same Taliban/ASWJ terrorists who killed 150 school children in Peshawar. Zaki’s bold and unwavering stance against this cleric brought him to the attention of the Takfiri Deobandi nexus.”

Another editorial team member of LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan) Irfan Khudi Ali was also killed two years back.

Pakistan Police has collected 12 gun casings from the scene and is conducting a probe into the attack. So far, no one has claimed the responsibility of attack.

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