Oxford University Press launches Oxford Advantage for CBSE schools

A comprehensive educational tool kit for schools called Oxford Advantage has been launched by Oxford University Press (OUP), a department of the University of Oxford.

Oxford Advantage, an integrated learning solution, is aligned to the CBSE board curriculum and it includes the curriculum content in both print and digital mediums.

Centred on the concept of integrated or blended learning its modules are designed to be cross-disciplinary, theme and activity-based to help conceptual learning. All of this will be delivered through differentiated learning strategies that are supported with reports and analytics.

The solution would serve as an end-to-end solution for various educational needs of the schools, Sivaramakrishnan V, Managing Director, OUP India, said in Hyderabad.

The tool kit includes lesson plans, question banks, test generator, teacher training and professional development modules, assessment tools for use in school and at home, apps for students, teachers and parents, and provision for reports among other features to help track the students’ progress throughout the academic year, he said.

“OUP’s status as a world-leading education company is best exemplified by the development of learning solutions such as Oxford Advantage. It is a product of OUP’s in-house innovation designed to deliver on almost every element of modern-day school education through digitally-rich interactive learning resources combined with print content.

“Based on cross-disciplinary and theme-based learning modules, this solution will enable superior learning outcomes for CBSE schools in the country,” Sivaramakrishnan said.

He said the integrated learning solution would also enable parents to stay completely updated on their child’s performance and progress.

“Assessment reports, assignments, dashboard and notification services are available on the Oxford Advantage app that is specially designed for them,” he added.

“Oxford Advantage focuses heavily on the teacher community given the pivotal role they play in the Indian school education system, by helping them maintain an ascending learning curve through a sustained, planned program of professional development and training workshops,” Sivaramakrishnan said.

Oxford Advantage is designed to OUP quality standards and will be offered for classes I to III in the current year, going up to class eight over the next two years.

Subjects being offered for classes I and II are English, Hindi, EVS and Mathematics; while class three subjects include English, Hindi, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics.

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